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Our coders cover basic coding and computing to give your child an advantage in the digital age


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Our Coding Classes

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As the world moves into a digital future more and more colleges and employers are seeking individuals with coding and computing knowledge. Join today and give your child the skills employers are looking for.

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Coders with Experience

Combined, our team has many years of tutoring and coding experience. Our tutors are fully equipped to help your children develop their computing skills, and each child will walk away from our clubs having creating something of their own using basic code.

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Technology for teaching

Using our proven online learning strategies, we'll help your child learn computing and coding by introducing simple steps to solve common tech problems. Our excellent tutors will support their learning every step of the way and will set them tasks to help them build their digital skills.

Learn from home, online!

We have always supported online tutoring throughout our programs. Our tech know-how enables us to provide you with an engaging online learning experience.

  • Years of experience with online technology
  • Complete methodologies for online learning
  • Locally trained teachers from the Vancouver area

Coding classes available now!

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Basic Coding

  • Engage students' interest and foundation for programming
  • Suited for students in Grades 5 - 7

Advanced Coding

  • Delve into coding and create their own programs
  • Suited for students in Grades 8 - 12

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Simple computing hacks that work

Our years of experience in teaching and tutoring has allowed us to develop unique tips and tricks that make coding and computing much easier.

Track Their Progress

To help you stay up-to-date with your child's progress towards becoming a coding wizard, we'll invite you to a weekly parent-tutor meeting. These meetings will allow our tutors to break down how your child is performing, what they are covering in our coding club, and what you can do to support their learning.

Professional tutors near you

Our classrooms are easily accessible via public transport. We are a few minutes away from Aberdeen Skytrain Station and the 410 bus stops just outside of our building. There's also plenty of room for parking and the parking spots are free for up to 3 hours.

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