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Based on Metro Vancouver's educational standards, adapted to your child's needs

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Our Founder, Dennis Lee, built the company with a desire to make education more accessible to as many students as possible. Having enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the online space, and with a background in 1-1 tutoring, Dennis saw an opportunity to blend the two to make for a truly revolutionary way to teach students.

Dennis Lee

Founder, Principal


ELL, English




Physics, Statistics


Science, Math, SSAT, SAT


Science, Math


Science, ELL


ELL, English

Mark L

ELL, English


ELL, English


ELL, English, Social Science


ELL, English, Social Science, Psychology, SAT



We track your child's progress all the way

Tutoring can establish a discipline or pattern for educational and professional success. Our classes and one-on-one sessions allow for individual attention and a space for students to think critically and grow their self-confidence.

Provide tailored learning for your child

Bring your child's learning to your ideal level

Use the most comprehensive teaching methods

Meet your child

We start a relationship with your child, to learn their strengths and weaknesses, and learning habits in order to provide the most effective teaching methods for them.

Evaluate their situation

Whether it's for exam prep, university applications, or just getting better grades, we adapt our teaching to get your child to where they need to be.

Create a study plan

Every child is unique, and so are our plans. Decide on a plan that fits your needs: Our classes allow for interaction with peers, get one-on-one help, or online sessions to build your child's skills and confidence.

Continual review

We provide you with regular updates on your child's progress, and continually adapt our plan as your child continues to grow.

Learn what your child needs


Stay up to date with your child's education

Schooling changes every year. We strive to maintain the latest teaching methods and curriculum.


Better than just iPad worksheets

If your child is busy, they can still access our fantastic tutoring team. Videos and personalized learning are proven to boost student performance in weeks!

Access to tutorial videos 24/7, study at their own pace

Over 1000's of topics matching your child's curriculum

Used by 1,000,000+ students across the globe

Professional tutors near you

Our classrooms are easily accessible via public transport. We are a few minutes away from Aberdeen Skytrain Station and the 410 bus stops just outside of our building. There's also plenty of room for parking and the parking spots are free for up to 3 hours.

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