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We offer classroom based lessons alongside online video learning, one-to-one tutorials, and extracurricular clubs that aim to provide your child with the confidence and skills for future success.

Building Skills to Last a Lifetime

Compassionate Help From Tutors That Care

StudyPug Learning is providing students across the globe with simple and affordable  tutoring services regardless of their grade and skill level. Initially launched as an online study tool for math, we’ve expanded our offering to provide professional English tutors and expert science tutors that cover chemistry, physics, biology, and more.

Our Founder, Dennis Lee, built the company with a desire to make education more accessible to as many students as possible. Having enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the online space, and with a background in 1-1 tutoring, Dennis saw an opportunity to blend the two to make for a truly revolutionary way to teach students.

Now in our 5 year, we’re proud to say that StudyPug Learning is available across 8 countries, has amassed over 250,000 members worldwide, and our tutorial videos have been viewed over 4 million times. We believe that this success is due to the dedication that we have to our students. We work to ensure that every student has the ability to take something away from each lesson, and we work to ensure that they feel completely satisfied with their progression through our programs.

We’re truly proud of our platform and can’t wait to expand our services and reach more students. As a company that’s continuously looking to evolve and provide the best support possible, we’re always open to suggestions and customer feedback is always welcomed.

We're the Last Piece of the Puzzle

Combining tech & tutors for a competitive edge

We offer classroom based lessons alongside online video learning, one-to-one tutorials, and extracurricular clubs that aim to provide your child with the confidence and skills for future success.

Exam Prep

Get expert advice ahead of exams and learn how to prep effectively for top marks

College Applications

Write the best personal statement and get help with all aspects of college applications

Study Plans

Work with our counselling team to build a personalized study plan to help achieve your goals

If you’re a teacher looking to join our school study program, call now to discover how we can support student learning in your classroom

Math and Science Tutors

Two Classes Available Now!


Suitable for students
in Grades 5 - 7

High School

Suitable for students
in Grades 8 - 12

  • Friendly Group Classes
  • Tutors that Specialize in Algebra, Precalculus, chemistry, Physics, and More
  • Access to StudyPug Tutorials
  • Math tutors and Science Tutors Provide Tailored Help with Homework
  • Access to Tutors and Facilities 5 Days a Week
  • In-class Assessments
  • Helpful Assignments to Build Skills
  • Progress Reports Every 2 Weeks
  • Parent-tutor Meetings Once a Month

Coding Club

Three Classes Available Now!


Suitable for students
in Grades 5 - 7


Suitable for students
in Grades 8 - 10


Suitable for students
in Grades 11 - 12

  • Brand New Computer Labs
  • Discover the Wonderful World of Computing
  • Build Essential Skills for Advanced Computer Literacy
  • Study New and Interesting Themes Each Month
  • Learn from Professional Tutors with Expert Knowledge
  • Build Your Typing Skills with Short 15 Min Lessons

Public Speaking/Debate Club

Three Classes Available Now!


Suitable for students
in Grades 5 - 7


Suitable for students
in Grades 8 - 10


Suitable for students
in Grades 11 - 12

  • Debate Interesting Topics
  • Learn How to Speak Clearly
  • Expand Your Vocabulary
  • Talk with Confidence
  • Take Part in an End of Term Performance

English Tutoring

Two Classes Available Now!


Suitable for students
in Grades 9 - 10

High School

Suitable for students
in Grades 11 - 12

  • 2 Sessions a Week
  • Lessons Tailored to Meet the BC Curriculum
  • Prepare for Provincial Exams and University
  • In-class Assessments from Expert English Tutors
  • Helpful Assignments to Build Skills
  • Progress Reports Every 2 Weeks
  • Parent-tutor Meetings Once a Month

Writing Club

Classes Available Now!

Writing Club is Available 30 Mins Before and End of Our Other Clubs

  • Develop Good Writing Habits
  • Build Vocabulary
  • Improve Essay Writing Abilities
  • Helpful Writing Exercises
  • Drop-in Class with No Commitment
  • Group Classes for Peer Learning

Learn at Home or on the Go

24/7 Access to Supercharged Help at

If your child’s time is limited and they have a busy schedule, they can still have access to our fantastic tutor team. We offer short and simple tutorial videos that make learning their curriculum much easier. Unlike traditional teaching, students can revisit lessons as many times as they like and can choose the topics they learn. It’s a platform that puts your child in control, which makes for a much more personalized learning experience

Our video lessons have been enjoyed by over 250,000 students across the globe, and they are proven to boost student performance within weeks!

Professional Tutors Near You

Our classrooms are easily accessible via public transport. We are a few minutes away from Aberdeen Skytrain Station and the 410 bus stops just outside of our building. There’s also plenty of room for parking and the parking spots are free for upto 3 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is StudyPug Different?

StudyPug puts your child in the driver's seat, saving them valuable time and giving them all of the resources they need in one convenient location. Unlike classroom teachers and other tutors, StudyPug is available 24/7 via our website and app, giving our students on-demand access to a comprehensive library that covers their entire curriculum.


Do you Have English Tutors and Math Tutors?

Yes! We offer expert help across a wide variety of subjects. Whatever you need help with, we’ll have a tutor to support your studies.


Where Are You Located?

Our classrooms are located in Beautiful British Columbia and you can find us at the address below:
1200-3779 Sexsmith Road
Richmond, BC
V6X 3Z9

We’re open Monday - Friday from 10am - 7pm


What If I’m Not Satisfied with the Product?

If you’re not completely satisfied with StudyPug, you can cancel at anytime with no penalties. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you’ll receive a full refund.

Call us now


StudyPug Learning

1200-3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 3Z9



Monday - Friday 10:00-19:00

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I had trouble when I went from high school to university level courses. A guy in my dorm told me about Study Pug. I like it because it's affordable, and Dennis, the main tutor, makes it simple.

Meghan W. College student

The Easiest Way to Boost Your Grades!

Simple Study Help with Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Vancouver based tutors have simplified the learning process and removed the headaches associated with studying. As a result, our students feel better about their education, find it easier to complete assignments, and have much more time to enjoy the things they love.

How do we do it? It’s as simple as A, B, C.

  • Assess Your Individual Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Build an Effective Study Plan That Meets Your Needs
  • Constantly Review Your Progress & Adapt Accordingly

Fully Equipped Classrooms in Your Area

A Conveniently Located Tutoring Centre in Vancouver, BC

Easily accessible via public transport and with plenty of room for parking too! Our friendly study environment is perfect for working on your assignments and our private meeting rooms offer a great deal of privacy for informal one-to-one tutoring and counselling.

Tailored Support for a Competitive Edge

Get Targeted Help in a Number of Ways


If you want a more personal touch, we have a fantastic team of tutors based in our Vancouver classrooms that will work with you and your child to build out a more personalized study plan.

Together, we'll develop an effective study plan that compliments your child's specific learning style,  addresses their weaker areas, and helps them to reach their academic goals.



If you or your child have a busy schedule, you can still take advantage of our high quality tutoring services. We offer 24/7 study support via our website and mobile app.

This service is accessible whenever your child needs it, so they'll never fall behind.


Combining both the online and in-person tutoring services,  will provide your child with an unprecedented level of study support. Unlimited video content and in-person study sessions will cover any gaps in their learning.

This provides a much more structured and disciplined study strategy.

Technology Meets Tradition

The Evolution of Studying

We believe that every student has the ability to achieve, they just need access to the correct set of tools. Unfortunately, classroom teachers aren't able to meet the needs of each and every student, and that's why so many students aren't getting the help they need.

With advancements in new technologies being readily available, now is the perfect time to innovate on the more traditional ways that students study, practice, and learn.  To that end, StudyPug is committed to pushing the boundaries of educational resources, making it accessible to all.

That’s why we developed an online study platform that has allowed students across the globe to access study support in a way that speaks to them. INstantly accessible via their mobile phones, StudyPug is changing how students study.

We launched StudyPug in 2015 and we have since grown into a global operation. We're now looking to implement that same level of success into our local Vancouver offices. We want to deliver high quality support directly to your child. Beyond the online availability, we want our team of tutors to work one-on-one with your child, building an effective study strategy that ensures success.


When we saw our son's grades we looked online for a convenient, affordable and effective solution. StudyPug has been a great investment.

Carson E. Parent

Meet the Team

The team here at StudyPug is made up of passionate tutors with decades of combined experience in education.


Beyond our tutors, we have a fantastic support team that’s hard at work maintaining our website, app, and customer support channels. Every member of our team truly believes that education in the 21st century needs to be reimagined so that every student has the opportunity to achieve.

Principal - Dennis Lee

An Alumnus of Simon Fraser University, Dennis graduated with honors in their prestigious electronic engineering degree program. Upon graduation, Dennis discovered his enthusiasm for education and established a career as a professional tutor.

As the demand for his services grew, Dennis decided he could help more students by developing an online study platform that combined his incredibly popular tutoring methods with professionally shot and edited videos, and thus StudyPug was born.

After 3 solid years of building, launching, and supporting StudyPug, Dennis is now excited to branch out and offer his proven tutoring methods to students across Vancouver. With and emphasis on the students individual needs and goals, Dennis is confident that he can help any student succeed.

In the past, Students that worked with Dennis have gone on to  achieve tremendous success. Many of his students have successfully entered top Canadian universities such as UBC, SFU, and UT. Additionally, he has helped students gain entrance to numerous colleges/universities across the United States.

Instructor - Tanu


Tanu graduated from the University of British Columbia in the English/History program. Tanu has been a fully Licenced English teacher for many years and is highly experienced in providing support for students studying for high school, provincial examinations, IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL, and ESL.

With a friendly and approachable teaching style, Tanu manages to make every student feel welcome, and by building personalized study plans with her, the students are able to make a noticeable impact on their class performance and grades.

Instructor - Christa


Christa graduated from the University of British Columbia’s English program and has had a passion for teaching and education for years. Christa specializes in preparing students for their upcoming exams. Through her proven study techniques, many of her students have achieved great success in their exams.

Instructor - Pacus

Pacus was born in Canada and graduated from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Mathematics. Pacus holds a BC teacher’s license and has many years of teaching experience. His main teaching area is mathematics from grades 8-12. Students who have worked with Pacus have shown a significant improvement in their grades.

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I recommend StudyPug because it makes complicated math easier by breaking it into step-by-step solutions that reflect our core textbooks.

Sharon B. Math Teacher

If Your Child Needs Math Help, Don't Wait

If we don't act immediately, we typically fail to act at all. Secure your child's future success and provide them the help they need. Let's chat about how we'll help.